Even a Geek Can Speak by Joey Asher

Even a Geek Can Speak

Book Title: Even a Geek Can Speak

Publisher: Persuasive Speaker Press

ISBN: 0978577604

Author: Joey Asher

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Joey Asher with Even a Geek Can Speak

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In today's high-tech world, it's cool to be a geek. But it's not cool to talk like a geek. Even a Geek Can Speak shows anyone how to express complex ideas in ways that are simple, that connect with listeners, and that persuade.

Focusing Your Message: One internet security executive won over non-technical business owners by focusing on the importance of internet security to the business world. Result: Listeners said - I'm buying that stock.

Keeping it Simple: A software consultant steered clear of the technical details when pitching to a CEO and focused on three key points: saving money, security and competitiveness. Result: He won the business.

Telling Stories: A telecommunications saleswoman spoke to a users' group and illustrated her points with stories, rather than dwelling too much in detail. Result: A jump in new orders.

Not Looking Like a Geek: An internet executive learned to connect with his audience merely by energizing his voice. Result: He received praise unlike any he'd received before.