Context For Kids: Honor and Shame in the Bible (Volume 1) by Tyler Dawn Rosenquist

Context For Kids: Honor and Shame in the Bible (Volume 1)

Book Title: Context For Kids: Honor and Shame in the Bible (Volume 1)

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1517386918

Author: Tyler Dawn Rosenquist

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Tyler Dawn Rosenquist with Context For Kids: Honor and Shame in the Bible (Volume 1)

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Can a ten week Biblical Sociology curriculum change your life and your children's future? Tired of sending your kids out into the world with verses memorized and yet losing them to the faith before they finish college? Let's face it, Atheists, unbelieving Bible hobbyists and even some believing College Professors tell our kids that the Bible wasn't written when it says it was, or for that matter by who it says it was written. The last 150 years of archaeology have proven the critics wrong but this information is not making it into the hands of the most vulnerable of believers - young college students. What if, as a family, you could study - in depth - what the people of the Ancient Near East and First Century knew, how they looked at the world and how they thought and interacted with each other? What if the Bible characters could become real flesh and blood people in the eyes of your children? What if they went out into the world armed with the kind of knowledge generally reserved for serious Bible scholars? What if I told you that I could do that hard research for you and then present it to your entire family in an easy to understand manner? Honor and Shame culture is how the ancient world operated - but their definition of words like honor and virtue are not in line with our modern understandings. Today the entire Islamic world operates according to these ancient understandings that Biblical people simply took for granted. Have you ever wondered why the crucifixion was really so brutal? Have you ever scratched your head wondering why Jesus and the Pharisees, Scribes, Elders and Chief Priests were always arguing - or why Nicodemus approached Jesus at night? Why was Saul trying to kill David, and why did Joseph's brothers really hate him so much? For that matter - why do Muslims all over the world today take pride in killing the most defenseless members of society? Honor and Shame culture is hidden in plain sight throughout the Bible, and understanding it will change the way you read it. It will change and equip your children - it will change and equip you.